I’m wanting to start a blog which I can make money off of but I have some questions,
Who gives you the money when you make the income like in the mail?
How do you start making money off of blogging?
Best site to start my blog, preferably free?

Thank you!

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  1. Ok, this will be a long one lol:

    STEP 1
    Choose a Topic for your blog, Pick something popular or several topics…
    Well Pick whatever, Decide what you are going to blog about, Are you going to white in it just things that happened in your life, Are you going to write a story where every post advances the storyline(Leaving a Cliffhanger on saterday saying “Will he Make It? Find Out Monday!” lol) will you blog about your favoret shampoo’s…. lol you get the point, decide what to blog on.

    STEP 2
    Choose how you are going to blog, are you going to take a trip to blogger.com and sign up with the constant reminder to you and your readers that its hosted by blogger, Or will you pick a blog script and get it hosted and use a free domain/subdomain service(preferabally coming with the host) so it looks more professional?

    Step 2 A (Going with a blog service)
    If you are going to go with a host that you basicly sign up for and your blog is instantally there with a link o the host then make sure you can add raw HTML to the header/footer(VERY IMPORTANT!!!)
    You Also should look for a free redirect service (http://co.uk/ Provides Free Redirect Domains) So It looks better and you have an easier to remember URL.

    Step 2 B (Getting a Blog Script hosted by a web-host)
    If you want to go the extra mile to make sure you have power to change or add other pages or whatever to your blog then yuo need to find a blog script you like and get a host.
    http://110mb.com gives you a free subdomain (you.110mb.com) and has several easy to install blog scripts(Of the ones they provide I recomend flatpress) although you can look for other hosts.

    For this Follow instructions to install your blog script, Preferabally have it come with editable HTML footers and headers(Thats why I recomend flatpress)

    STEP 3
    Get Ready to blog!
    You should keep 10 or so good blog posts(If you can, if its a storyline this won work) ready to post if you hit a wrighters block, so its not-stop blog posts.

    Start by posting 10 blog posts over 10 days (So Your Blog looks a little more mature) and then start letting people know about it, linking to it in ALL of your profiles at ALL sites you go to is a good way to start.
    Other things to do are:

    Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites (Like DIgg and Stumbleupon)

    Add your blog to as many directories as you can, google and yahoo search “Free Website Directory”

    Entrecard.com has a good service for growing your blog, I Personally recomend using it at least untill your blog it well-grown.

    Submit your blog to search engines.

    A Hit Counter Is a good way to tell the world how popular you are(and find out yuorself!)
    histats.com works good for this.

    STEP 4
    After your blog has grown to a reasonable size (100 or so visitors a day) this is where earning start!

    You have several options, you can do one, some, or All!

    Step 4 A (Ads)
    My Personal favorite form of revaneu getting.
    Look for ad hosts(yahoo has a service for this, no? lol) Here is a quick rundown of different types:

    CPC(Or PPC)
    Cost per click/Pay Per Click
    You Only get payed when people click on the ads, this can be a total disaster or a total success for you, it depends on wether or not your visitors are interested in the ads.

    Cost Per Time
    You Get Payer for having an ad up for so long, once you get someone to buy advertising its guarenteed money(if you are using a service to take care of it for you, like projectwonderful.com)

    Cost Per action
    I dont recomend it, but here is the description:
    You get payed ONLY once the person signs for the servise being advertised, sometimes only when they buy something!
    Can be a disaster, or huge success. for small sites it is likly the first one

    Cost per impression/cost per milli (milli = 1000 impressions)
    You get paid when people view your site with CPI/CPM ads.
    You can usurally tell how much oyu’ll get by the hit counter you have up, jsut do a search for one.
    I particularly like CPM/Cpi lol

    Frowned on upon by almost everyone, DON’T DO IT!!!! YOU’LL KILL YOUR SITE!!

    step 4 B Text Link Selling
    Warning! This may be frowned upon by search engines!

    You Use a service to sell text links on your site, usurally you get paid per month.
    The ammount you get per link varies on your site.

    Step 4 C
    Market products (For instance your blog is about… Kittens, and its called “KittenLog”)
    You could Sell the official KittenLog T-Shirt lol, I have not tried this.
    But yea, you could build selling products and services into your site.

    Step 4 D Affiliate Programs
    You can find some sites that will pay you when someone signs up under your affiliate link, You Simply market these sercives with an affiliate link on your blog.

    Most of these require you paste an HTML code tiddybit on your web-site! use the HTML capable footers and headers for this task!!!

    And In FlatPress you need to take the code and change it

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