How to Use online Data Entry to make money?

Is there and legitimate sites that offer to let you type or enter data and pay you for it?

I’m not talking about soem unrealistic sever hunded dolars a week to thousands a month bull. I just need some extra income so I can pay my bills.

I have no extra money left on the side after I pay my rent and pay my bills and food etc. No personal spending money. And I am looking for someway to get a bit of extra cash a week or month.

Any sites that do not require you to pay like 50$ for an e-book on how to type online to make money or so forth, are definitely welcome.

I currently am blogging on today. com
and not making squat.

Or if their are any other ways top make some “simple” money online it would be greatly appreciated.
for starters i am asking this question on the basis that there “”is”” a job market out there for this. there are many works and papers and documents out there that are still writin as we all know and many of those need to be transferred to a computer database or need to be typed up so one can make copies of it at their own will. and people are willing to pay for this service.

i just need to know who or where to go to get hooked into this business. i have no idea where to look or where to go. hours of Google and such search engines, referrals and so on i had 1 possibly legitimate site and countless sites attempting to sell you books or e-books of “how to” do that. which i am not going to invest 50 of my hard earned dollars into an outdated guide on the constantly updating internet and consumer market

and no you didnt rain on my parade. You sir are greatly miss leaded and should think before answering questions.
Ah additionally to your comment.

I am currently making money at home “typing” on the “internet” adn getting payed for it. Certain, it is minimal, but as time progresses pay dose increase as I attain more hits and viewers.

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6 thoughts on “How to Use online Data Entry to make money?

  1. Please think about this for a moment,
    WHY would anyone pay someone $ for sitting at their computer and typing (what?) What will you do that adds value?

    There are NO on-line money makers short of the FRAUD that some salespeople stoop to.

    hate to rain on your parade, but its that way.

  2. Hai,

    Best 40 ways to make money online….EX..Ebay, Adbrite…etc

    Check out this for full explanation..and all of the sites listed are genuine sites….such as E bay, Adsense etc

  3. Well i have this site for you where you can make alot of money online.
    Yes it is one of those pay places, but its guaranteed to make you money or you will get your money back. Now thats a fair deal!
    I will only post this so you can check it out if you are interested:

  4. if you already blog from home, it seems like you would be a good candidate to write “how to” articles at anybody can submit an article & they pay via paypal. i’ve written a couple (and i am not good at writing) and they did pay me. i dont think that i had to give any personal info (like ssn)

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