3 thoughts on “How lucrative is blogging?”

  1. If you hit the right notes — right topic, right audience — and your traffic swells, you can make it HUGE with blogging

    In 2006, for example, Business 2.0 reported that TechCrunch.com, a blog about Silicon Valley, was earning $60,000 a month. It’s now 2009 — and their blog is going strong


    1. Find the right topic that you can write a lot about, and hope that it will resonate with your audience

    2. Decide on the way to monetize the blog, making sure that you are able to optimize placement of ads

    3. Promote, promote and promote some more

  2. It can be using adsense or affiliate marketing strategies. Most businesses use it to drive traffic somewhere else.
    Therefore, find affiliates that will pay you commissions for the business your blog sends them.
    The important thing is to build a readership which takes time.
    Technorati is a blog search engine you should list in.
    Also mybloglog is a good traffic builder.

  3. Its not as easy as you will read. It’s an uphill battle. I’m still trying to find the right blog to catch on, I have many. Good luck.

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