One thought on “how is blogging a source of income?”

  1. The 2 primary ways of making money blogging is by a) Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising and b) Sponsored Posts.

    Pay Per Click advertising presumes that if/when you blog is popular people who visit it will click on ads and or preform some action after clicking for which you earn a referral fee

    Pay Per Post systems (ie: PayPerPost / ReviewMe, Blogsvertise) pay you money to post a review or even just mention a product in a blog.

    The Good: If you are good at it you can make a fair bit of money. Just checkout GeekySpeaky’s Colleen as an example. Having advertising makes you residual income that you otherwise would not have.

    The Bad: The “bad” only happens if you start to spam people or put a lot of ads on your site that annoys your readers and causes them to leave. If making money becomes your primary motivation, you may not enjoy it as much. If you start to blog about things and endorse ‘bad projects’ you will loose reputation with your readers.

    I’ve included 2 links below in sources. The first is a video that I made that explains the basics of advertising on the Internet. The 2nd link points to some ideas to make money online. Good Luck !

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