I am NOT looking for get rich quick schemes. I expect another source of income.

As I have many things to share with others, I want to know how to go about making money from it? Please tell in detail as I have very little knowledge about Blogs. The only thing I know is that Bloggers write their stuff and people read it. But how do make money out of it?

Please tell……

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  1. One option is that they have adds on their blogs. They will probably get paid per ammount of clicks or per ammount of views, depending upon who provides the add-service.

    Some people might also put a pay-pal button on their blog and ask people to donate.

  2. One of my friends has successfully made a fortune through blogging. At first,he was just interested in writing and he kept on writing in Blog. Then more and more people were attracted by his words. He thought that the advisers would be interested in his popularity so he contact them. Just as expected, the advisers decided to put advertisement on his blog. That is the way to making money through Blogging as I know.

  3. How do people make money from blogging?

    (a) They don’t make a living at it.
    (b) They can have a deal whereby there are ads on their site, maybe placed by Yahoo, Google, some other ouffit.

    You see the ads on Yahoo Answers?
    How many millions of people do you suppose come to these pages and NOT look at the ads?
    If one person looks at one ad because it is here, how much does Yahoo get? 1/10 cent per hit?

    Have you taken a hard look at some of the ads that show up? A person hates some service & asks how to deal with that & other people who also hate it suggests alternatives, & the ad service uses key words to show ads for that service. The odds of getting anyone look at one of those ads is pretty remote. So we can see that the software, to select what ads to put where, is pretty babyish compared to what is really needed for this to work effectively.

    Your blog has to be interesting enough to attract millions of people, and the ads have to be relevant enough, for a significant portion of them to visit the ad sites.

    The way to make money from blogging, is to use it as an advertising medium for YOU. You have some talent, some skill, and you want people to hire you to perform that ability, so you use your blog to promote yourself and what you can do for people.

    This is different from most blogs being a form of entertainment, which is a labor of love. It is a hobby, in which people pour time and energy into it and get great satisfaction from it.

    But if you want to make money, the best wey is DO NOT BLOG, because blogging will take time and energy that you could be using to make money.

  4. I don’t know what you are after, but if you want to earn some money on the internet without investment and get paid by cheque/ PayPal then have a look at this website:
    Hope this helps. Thanks.

  5. People do make a living through blogging. Look at johnchow.com He makes a lot and tells you how to do it too.

    First of all, the best thing to do is to your own dot come name. Like johnchow.com. Not my-chaotic-life.blogspot, which is mine. The easy dot com names seem to do better.

    Then you need to post frequently. I would say everyday for awhile. Then at least 3 times a week.

    You can check out programs like pay per post, but I think you have to have your blog for 3 months before they will accept you. How they work is you get assignments to blog about certain stuff and post it in your blog. There are lot of programs like this one. John Chow speaks of them on his site too.

    You are going to want to advertise your blog link. You are also going to want to add your blog to blog directories such as blogskinny.com. And definitely try mybloglog.com. That will help too.
    Here is a site where you can read many discussions on stuff like this.

    Hope that helps.

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