10 thoughts on “how can I make money thru blogging?pls. help…just want to have an extra income?”

  1. The bottom-line is you need a lot of traffic, visitors, to come to your site and then to have ads on your site so that people will click on those ads. But this is no easy task.

    As a marketing specialist, you first want to start with a good solid blog program. In addition, you also want to get your own domain name and web host so you can place your own blog on your own site. Don’t use any of the free blogging services as you will only be bringing traffic to their site. Make your own.

    Today, you can buy your own domain name for under $10.00 a year and your web hosting you can get for as low as $4.00 a month. There’s lots of excellent free blog software too.

    Once you select the blog software you want (I personally like WordPress), you might want to check into some of the customizable templates, or skins, that come with your blog software. This way you have a unique look too rather then ‘out of the box’ default skins.

    Following, your blog template should have space on it to place ads. The best way to quickly generate some money is to sign-up for Google’s Adsense program which is free and easy to use. Adsense generates a snippet of code that you cut and paste into your blog and the ads automatically show up there. You then visit Google Adsense to check on how many people clicked on your ads and what amount of money you made.

    The MOST important thing is to write good and informative content that your readers will want to read. Not too long and not too short. Moreover, you need to get those readers to come back, and that’s another marketing story.

    Quickly the major search engines will eventually pick-up your blog articles and you will slowly gain more and more visitors and eventually more people clicking on your ads. But don’t expect to make much money unless you have a strong following of readers.

    And since you’ll be writing, one of the very popular methods of making money is to write articles and submit them to submission websites. There’s a process and procedure for doing this, and it’s not difficult at all. How do you make money this way?

    Well within your story that you write you can include a short bio of yourself and plug your blog site. Your story gets circulated to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential other websites who want content on their sites. Users read your story, see your bio and website link, and click. Thus expanding your internet exposure.

    To learn more about writing articles and getting them submitted, do a search for “Article submission” and you will find lots of sites. It’s a super way to push forward your own blog site.

    Good Luck!

  2. Well, it’s not easy. You need to have something that people will want to read, so whatever it is you write about must be relevant to other people. Furthermore, you have to be GREATLY interested in what you are writing about. Depending on what the subject is, you might have to be an expert or have inside connections. If you find yourself relying on bigger blogs or other people’s opinions in order to be able to write your own, then you are wasting your time, as people will be much more likely to visit the bigger blogs if yours doesn’t offer anything special.

  3. Hi!

    I am a single mom of 2 girls. My youngest is disabled so I work from home.

    You can make extra money doing surveys (I only recommend 2 companies), writing, completing offers, and reading ads.

    There are so many different ways, but you do have to know which programs are legit or you waste a lot of time. I put all the legit ones on my blogs to help others out. You can check them out buy clicking on my profile.

    I hope this helps!

  4. I dont know about making money blogging, but try writing articles on news or anything interesting. This site pays by the number of readers that read your articles. Its free to join. Try it.

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