5 thoughts on “How can I earn income through blogging or any other online option. I am currently unemployed ..?”

  1. Of Course you can earn money without doing anything except blogging just open up a blog on blogger and add adsense which is basically a google add-on which puts adverts that are in relation with your blog and if people press it you get money i would say get a .com domain in blogger instead of .blogspot.com as it would be more visited and more populer on google.

  2. the following website is one of data entry job..


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  3. There are several ways of making money blogging. As the others have said, use adsense on your blog, which will show ads, that are relevate to the topics on your blog. If peopel see somethign of interest in those ads, they click, this earns you money, again from .01 to 10$+ per click, depends on the adwords price. the other way is to have affiliate links and products on your blog for people to click on, such as amazon books to ebooks from clickbank. And yet one more way is to directly sell somethign from your blog that makes you the profit right there. I am opening up a new blog that will be going over the essence of making money on the internet, mostly by using a blog. I have been making money on the net for around 10 years now and make almost enough to quit my day job. Follow my blog, a forum is coming soon.

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