I work wednesday thru satuarday at hotel. i make 7 dollars an hour…and i make about 800 a month. I work 10pm to 8 am.. in midsize georgia town… late night open here is waffle house, other hotels i cant work at (conflict of interest) and walmart. i need to find a part time job, or online job. that pays at least 200 a month… any ideas? Babysitting is out, all of my friends have a relative living with them already. im single and going to college. I need a part time job, online, ust ething! I make just my budget. But i need more money to start paying down my debt. If anybody suggests online jobs like blogging, it needs to be from somebody thats already doing it and knows it works. no look here and read this. Ive scavenged all the extra money anincome questions here on yahoo answers i can find…to no avail. help!!
zomg I’ve been reading the answers ive been getting to ths question and its freaking retarded all these websites run around in circles, and look horridly like scams are you guys not reading the question? I need something online that really pays, or a real life part time job of some kind… brainstorm and give me real answers not BS ones.

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  1. Hi,

    I have started doing affilliate marketing programs its easy and you can make a nice income. Once set up all the hard work is done all you do is get people to visit the site and watch the money roll in.
    If you are serious about making money then try the following site. It is packed full of articles tips and resources and advice which you can use to start earning good money online.


  2. The only people that earn on-line are criminals, scam artists and con-merchants .. they charge fees to mugs that ‘register’ with them expecting to get some sort of paid ‘work’ .. often completing (random clicking) on-line ‘surveys’ or taking part in a Ponzi Scheme (Pyramid scheme) scam.

    In theory it is possible to make (small) amounts of money (commissions) by sending visitors to your web site to other sellers sites (affiliate marketing), however this only really works if your site attracts a lot of visitors that want to buy things (for example, Google and Amazon make good money tis way)

    You can also make money by sending other mugs to sign up to the criminals (look carefully at any URL’s posted .. watch for the “ID= ….” .. this is how the first mug gets ‘paid’ (ho ho) for sucking in more mugs)

    You can sell stuff on auction sites, but that’s about it ..

    How to spot an on-line con :-

    1) Are you asked to pay THEM, at any time, for anything (including “refundable” (ho ho) ‘deposits’) ?

    2) Could the ‘job’ be done by shed loads of 3rd world kids earning 50p a day 24×7 ? (and if so, why isn’t it ?)

    If the answer to either of these is ‘yes’, then it’s a con.

    PS never answer anything on-line with the truth .. details you enter in ‘questioniers’ or ‘surveys’ can be used to steal your ID or access your bank account (‘mothers maiden name’ anyone ?)

  3. Hi,

    Some none online ideas:

    Lawn Mowing/Lawn Care -> You can start your own little buisness (in the warmer weather)

    Pizza Delivery -> You can get a little money on the side, plus tips

    Marker/Proofreader -> You mention you are in college? You can put ads up that you will proofread others papers for them etc before submitting it, or in some cases there profs hire student markers to mark courses you’ve already taken or are already adept in. Sometimes they have a campus store etc with part time hours as well.

    I would also recommend a good book by Deborah Jacobson “150 Jobs you can start today”. I have the book at home and highly recommended it. and ..


    YES, the link below is an affiilate link, if you buy the book from lnk the link below, I will make a whole whopping $1.00 at most, but I took some time to help answer your question, and it’s not like I’m trying to be sneaky or anything.

    Just like the real world, the internet is full of con-artists, scams and people trying to steal you identity, and I agree you should be carefull, especially about what information you share and whom you share it with. But also like the real world, it is usually just a few that ruin it for the rest of us.

    Most people are probaby *not* reading your question, they just have a saved search results for the keywords “making money” and when someone posts a question, they have a pre-templated response. Some people even delibrarly ask questions about making money, not really interested in the answers, they just want to give others the oppertunity to push out all there affiliate links.

    $200 online is a *good* month for me, and not a gaurenteed income.


    Aso I suggest you check out Dave Ramsey http://www.daveramsey.com/. A great site to help you get out of debt and increase your income.
    Best of luck !

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