i’m looking to make some extra income from home and blogging seems to be the thing to do now. is it really as easy as they say? do you really make money?
i don’t want to do any of those get rick quick things because they really aren’t something that i want to do. i am just looking for something fun to make a little extra money.

4 thoughts on “do many people blog for extra income?”

  1. No. It takes months, sometimes years, for a blog to monetize. And bear in mind that “success” in the blog world is about 5 bucks a day.

    Don’t blog to make money. If you do happen to make money off your blog that’s a nice side effect. But if you are blogging solely to make money it’ll never happen. The only chance you have to make money with a blog is to build a large audience. Large audiences flock to good, solid, relevant content and ignore everything else. If you are only blogging to make money, I can promise you your content will be none of those things and your readers will see right through it.

    Blog to blog. It’s a great exercise. But don’t blog to get rich.

  2. My blog doesn’t make any money, because I don’t have anything to sell…yet.

    People who blog for money need to have something to sell other than the idea that they have a “blog.” Since a blog is a marketing tool, the blogger has to ask him/herself what he/she is blogging for.

    It really could take a few years to see a payoff. For tips, visit Problogger’s website.

  3. I have experience making money via websites. But I would not call them blogs exactly. More of informational websites.

    Have you considered creating a website about a subject that you enjoy and know a thing or two about? My wife and I have been running a few websites for about a year and are amazed at the results.

    Basically you bulid a website with good/valuable information. People find your website when they are looking for the information you have written about. You make money when the seeker clicks your ads (from Google) or clicks/buys other things that are on your site (called Affiliate sales.)

    To brainstorm the website idea, determine profitability, easily build the website, and optimize the web pages to get traffic we used a special web-based tool. The tool walks you through every step of the process with both video and text instructions. Its pretty amazing.

    The key of course is a good topic that is not already over done on the Internet. Stuff like rock bands and famous people are way too covered. You have to find smaller niches that are not so small that noone searches on them.

    I realize one of the posts above says a good earning would be $5 a day. That’s $1,825 extra a year. Keep in mind that that is out there making a little extra money every day no matter what you are doing. Also, some websites earn a lot more.

    The website subjects we chose are surprisingly simple. Also, there are apparently people making 10x what we are earning on our site. (Which is much higher than $5 per day.) Again, its amazing.

    Check it out:

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