Thinking of starting a blog to meet people.. I’m in my 30’s and have very few friends.. I want to move but I’m on a limited income (disability).. Where I live public transportation sucks and my seizures are too frequent to drive.. I have trouble meeting people and I’m dying to just get out and be with people my own age away from my family.. I just want some friends with common interest and thought if I start a blog and opened up I might be able to meet some people.. I have a hard time thinking my opinions or thoughts even matter anymore and I thought it might also help with letting me know it still matters whether I exist or not..

3 thoughts on “Can u make friends by blogging?”

  1. Blogging really just makes people angry. If you want to make friends, you should hang out at the post office. Lots of people willing to make conversation there.

  2. Yes, you can make friends if you have an optin box on your blog to collect email addresses of the people who come to your website.
    You offer them a free ebook or the topic of your blog for them to sign in your email list. Then you can build a relationship with them.
    One of the best blogger is Yaro Starak. Check him out below.

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