i started blogging for money i.e adsense and affiliate commision in september. i have got about 6 blog sites bringing in a tiny amount of cash per month 1 is a bigish one aimed for pure affiliate commision the others are smaller more adsensed based. the first month september i made, 2 cents, the next month after and when i done the other couple i made more than a dollar in adsense the next month i made $25 commison and some more adsense than the last time, the next month i made $35 comission and a bit more adsense than last time by now i had all my blog sites up nd running.last month i didnt make any commission but still about the same amount of adsense as last time. The thing is though the sites bringing in adsense havent been touched in months. i look at it now and realize that about $65 is pretty pathetic over the past 4 months but im still gona keep trying nd the fact that im still dripping in a tiny bit of cash still keeps me going. i dont want to give up. how many of these things do people make online to generate a decent sort of income like $100 dollar a day? thats what im aiming for. i have a part time job but im doing this for a passive income and know its possible. im looking at it in a way now that if i do a hundred more of them i would have roughly hundred times more views and clicks etc.any ideas if you do blog for money online. how am i doing.

3 thoughts on “blogging for money, how much do you guys make and am i doing okay?”

  1. Sign up for college courses at your local community college and spend your free time studying.

  2. You are engaged in a classic Ponzi scheme, which is illegal almost everywhere. Only those at the beginning of the pyramid make any money, and that ends fairly soon – unless you’re as good as Madoff.

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