Windows XP on older IBM ThinkPad?

Question by Rattlingmurdock: Windows XP on older IBM ThinkPad?
I have an older IBM ThinkPad A22p, will I be able to install Windows XP? The It is “designed” for Windows 98-2000, but the hardware meets the specifications for XP according to the Microsoft website. Is there anything standing in the way? Thanks.
The hardware on the computer does excel the requirements for XP, it was nearly $ 2000 back in the day, which today stands for an average laptop.

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Answer by andrewsweet9
if it meets the standards then it should install successfully =]

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6 Responses to “Windows XP on older IBM ThinkPad?”

  1. blamay22000 says:

    Forget it, if it did run it would be very poorly. All your computers resources would be eaten up with windows to begin with.

  2. Mike S says:

    I don’t see any problems.

    Just make sure you download XP drivers for your laptop’s hardware from their website before installing XP.

  3. ArnetP says:

    Your computer will work it will just be slower

  4. SakruaWolf says:

    i have put Window XP on computer made for Windows 98
    it had 800mhz CPU and 256 Ram
    and 32bit Version of XP
    and it ran just fine

    But i had upgrade the system for DVD playback

  5. nov2874 says:

    it should run xp if microsoft says it can just try to have at least 500mb of ram or more.and make sure it will boot the install disk.if you can insert the disk and have it upgrade to xp ,2000 should be able to its based off the N.T framework,,but 98 or M.E will need to have a fresh install,,a compleat formating of the hard drive.and cleaning off all old data on the disk.good luck i have done this to a lot of computers and it worked fine just,,,,,it does seem to slow down the pc older computers run better on older versions of windows.but its hard to get new software to run on older versions of windows

  6. Darth Revan says:

    that will DEFINITELY run windows xp with no problem.
    I have a22m that I had Vista running on and it ran very well.
    I would just make sure you that you have at least 384mb of ram, but I would max it out at 512mb.

    currently i have an a21m running win xp with 384mb, and it also runs very well.

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