Question by Nicolas L: Which software / application should I use to create questionnaires?
Although I have some knowledge of html coding (self-tutored), I am by no means a programmer. But i would need to use some sort of efficient (and if possible user-friendly) application that will allow me to create and maintain questionnaires to design “continuing education” programs (pharmacists, physicians, nurses, ect), that would ideally be web-based.

After reading a little bit on the subject, I figured that learning some basic mySql or php (or both) might be useful (??) although this seems to be quite time consuming and I don’t know which tool best suited for this project… I have no experience with mySql or php at the moment. The tools I have mastered (MS Excel, Dreamweaver, etc) are clearly insufficient here, unfortunately.

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Answer by iso
there is a software called “SPSS” it is professional and easy to use, you can get the demo version from

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