3 thoughts on “Where to get website design cutting tutorials?”

  1. I really don’t know but, you can try this link below it had a lot of different goodies.

  2. Complete Professionally designed website Just for $50 or Rs, 2000 only. The website has following features.

    1. Professionally Designed
    2. Total Control: Add/Edit anything you want your-self.
    3. Most Advanced: Share Pictures/Images, Audios, Videos. YES! You can add everything to your site.
    4. No need to rely/hire professionals for updating your data.
    5. Inbuilt Search-function
    6. Inbuilt Blog
    7. SEO friendly design. No need to hire SEO professionals or services.
    8. Built-in SEO and Pings will add your site to major search engines within 24 hours of creating.
    9. Search-Engine Pingers (more than 20) will ping search-engines everytime you post anything on your site
    10. Add/remove more than one author to your web-site with different levels of access.
    11. Make-money by monetising with ads from Adsense, YPN, adbrite etc.
    12. Complete after sales services and support for one year after you place an order.
    13. Get the site running within 3 days of payment.

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