Question by TokioHotel23: whats the best site for me?
ok, im doing this project in “housing and interior design”
i need to know how much it will cost to build a house that is 1252 square foot. what is the best website for me to go to?

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Answer by Lee C
There is no website that can give you a number on that becuase of the market in your area and materials are changing everyday. The best way to do this is to figure out how many levels your house is going to be, the SQFT of each level, what the frame is going to be made of (wood Metal etc.) it the foundations going to be slab on grade? (concrete) are the trusses in the roof going to be 2×4’s ? also what pitch of roof are you wanting, plus the roofing materials for singles ($ 5000 for 30 squares of materials including labor) You will have to know your interior room finishes (sheet rock, plaster?)
electrical, plumbing, hvac.

I would say roughly you are looking at about $ 134,000 give or take about $ 20,000 without knowing the specs on the house.

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