I’m constantly looking for ads from companies that need website designers and it seems like I know everything I already need to know to design a website (I’ve already made several of them just for fun). I’ve got advance computer skills, a freakishly fast typing speed (although I’m guessing that isn’t very important), it’s easy for me to learn to use new programs, I know a pretty good amount of HTML, I’m really good with computers in general, and I LOVE designing websites.

Problem is I’m not sure if that’s enough… It’s kind of like I’m missing some advance skills. So what kind of skills would an employer expect me to have?

5 thoughts on “What type of skills would i need to get a job in website design?”

  1. There really isn’t all that much to web design. Obviously the more you know, the more valuable you are. I would recommend at a minimum an understanding of HTML, PHP, Perl, MySQL and Java Script. Skills with graphics and tools like Adobe Flash are also a benefit.

  2. For web design you would need to know CSS AJAX (javascript/xml) HTML and graphic programs. A web designer deals with the UI and client side development.

    Now, for a web developer you would need a server side programming language: ASP, PHP, JSP. You would need to know a DBMS, such as MySQL. Javascript.

  3. It’s good that you know HTML, but try CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, ASP, SQL, ADO, VBScript. Try asking people that are involved in software, computer science, web designers.

  4. You have to search on the Internet for jobs requirements in this area. I am a web and graphic designer myself. You also have to prove that you have good communication skills and are a team player as well. You should know that if a big company is hiring you, this type of job might be very stressful as you need to finish your work or you may need to start different projects in between. You will have lots of responsibilities. Besides you need to show that you are very creative and be able to match different designs to certain subjects.
    Good luck in your search, and you may also consider expending your studies and probably taking some more courses or attending some workshops that will help you build some strength in you weak areas of expertise.

  5. omfg.. there we go again.. every week theres at least one question like this.. and theres always someone saying that u need to learn php.. mysql.. and another bunch of languages that a web designer simply does not need.. other than the echo command in php u dont need php.. u dont need mysql.. and for sure u dont need perl.. so what do u actually need?

    -> css
    -> html
    ->flash (maybe)
    -> a lot of creativity (most important)

    good luck

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