Question by LizaChristine: What should I use now that MS Frontpage is no longer being made?
I am far from a professional web designer, but I can definately hold my own. I have very basic HTML knowledge, and loved frontpage because I could build a site in “design” mode, and tweak it in “HTML” mode, not to mention being able to preview it without saving it a special way and opening it in IE. Is there a comparable product on the market? I suppose I could continue to use the 2003 version, but am definately open to learning about other programs that would work as well. Any help is appreciated.

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Answer by jodimode
I don’t like Frontpage, never have taken to it. I like Dreamweaver. Really you can turn any MS Office product into html now.

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  1. You actually liked Frontpage? You liked it when Microsoft decided your HTML wasn’t good enough and replaced it with something that conformed better to IE? Wow. OK, go check out Dreamweaver, you’ll never miss Frontpage again. You mentioned your more into HTML, but if you want to get into you can also try Visual Web Developer from Microsoft (the Express Edition is free, and nearly full featured). Microsoft has another free WYSIWYG editor, I think it’s called Expressions, or Blend?

  2. A professional web designer who uses (and likes!?!) Frontpage?!?


    Your best bet is to get Adobe Creative Suite 3 – Not only does it include the latest versions of Photoshop & Illustrator, but Dreamweaver, Flash, and Acrobat – everything you’d possibly need.

    With Frontpage, you’re building a Honda. With Adobe, you can build Bentleys.

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