Query by Max Shelley: What kind of work can you get in the web design industry?
I’m heading into web design, and whilst freelance is ultimately my aim I’m wondering if there are any nine-5 variety employment like the place you go to the workplace and have a manager and you get a paycheck every single week or two months or month.

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Answer by Lloydi
You can implement in some various it employment in the different international locations. You can attempt Australia, US, Canada and Singapore.

You can consider looking some work at the various employment portal like http://www.expatcareers.com

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2 thoughts on “What kind of jobs can you get in the web design industry?”

  1. well any web design job are like that. Unless you job involve maintaining website you rarely need overtime. I used to work for a company before i went freelance. I only have to OT twice because we need to meet deadline

    Other than that it is not a stressful job. That’s why i hate it. I need pressure to bring out the best of me. That’s why i start freelancing. I need to find my own customer and finish as many project as fast as possible

  2. GUI web designer, graphic artist, web master, website administrator. Yes there are freelance jobs like 9-5.

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