I want to create a couple of websites, a personal website and a business website, I am looking for a low buck solution that I can make myself, I have no programming or html skills.
I want it to look nice though… any experience with these online all in one design sites? Which is easiest with the nicest outcome?

4 thoughts on “What is the best online DIY website design service?”

  1. I found this cool new website called upizaz, It claims to be the worlds easiest website builder. I just made my first website for my business, and I have to tell you it was absolutely, handsdown the easiest website builder i’ve ever seen. I was done within 45 minutes, I still plan on adding some other stuff, but it is already done and I can’t believe how nice it looks.

    Oh yeah and their support was online chat, they came right on my screen to answer questions in the middle of my design… AWESOME!

    I tried several online website designers that claimed to be easy… and I got about an hour into them and found they weren’t that easy at all!

    Anyways, try this place, I highly recommend!

    Here is url: http://www.upizaz.com

  2. I tried the upizaz also, it is incredibly easy. I did my site with flash. It loads fast and looks like I spent $1500 bucks! Only cost Just under $200

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