Question by Tod: What is a reasonable hourly rate for a “Senior Web UI Designer” @Sun in Silicon Valley?

Trust me. they pay hourly. just answer the question. don’t respond if you don’t know.

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Answer by MrsZ
Sun Microsystems? HOURLY? They don’t pay hourly for those positions, dear. You are paid a salary, benefits, 401k, some positions offer stock options since it is publicly traded, bonuses, etc.

Try looking at their page:

When your brother has been a SENIOR programmer for the company for a long time you have a CLUE as to how things go. Even if they needed a contract employee they would pay a salary, or pay for a specific job upon completion. People that answer the phones are paid hourly. Designers are not paid hourly and I have NO idea why that’s so hard for you to grasp. It’s not Burger King.

I am sharing first hand information and I have a hard time understanding why you are fighting with someone that’s sharing first hand information. Since you think YOU know the answer, I have to wonder why did you post your question?

This is a public forum, and is totally searchable. If your cute little user name can be linked to your real name, or a blog that points to your real name, most prospective employers will find it. Trust me, they want to know what kind of person you are before they waste their time with you. There are nice people in HR that will do the search, and you won’t get jobs. Plain and simple they will hire someone less qualified before they hire a confirmed nutjob. They will find that you are a rotten person that stalks people online, so keep digging the hole for your career. Think you have a shot? Go for it Mr. Winter Guard, you can take photographs while you rollerblade all over San Jose.

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