I have a little knowledge of html but not much. I am looking to design a small business website (no buying or selling, just info). I have heard that there is good software out there that takes the html knowledge out of it but they are expensive. I want a relatively inexpensive one to start out with., but I want to be able to make the website look nice and original, not cookie-cutterish.

2 thoughts on “what is a cheap yet, good website design software for a beginner?”

  1. Please, oh please, do not use Micro$oft anything for making a web page. You may have FrontPage extensions problems on some hosting sites.

    Since you are a newbie, I recommend you start off using a free WYSIWYG Editor like NVU (http://nvudev.com/index.php). Once you learn HTML and CSS, you can still use this editor in Code View mode. Some other good free editors are:
    Matrix Y2K 2005 and AceHTML 6 Pro. You can Google for these.


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