I’m doing some market research for website design and just wanted to get an idea of what other people or companies in the industry charge for web design services. Please, no speculation. If you do sites, what do you charge? If you had a site done, what did you pay? Or link to sources that have prices for web design services.

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  1. Honestly, there really is no set limit for web design payments. Some people are nice and charge little ($10-50), while others charge more on the expensive side. It mostly depends on the person/company the designer works for. If you are planning to hire/join do some research to find the pay that you will give/receive.
    Good Luck!
    NOTE: Most designers use payments PER PAGE, so that 10-50 are Per Page estimates (of the low side).

  2. The marketing company that I use is charging me from prices ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars.

  3. I am sorry, but your question and details are much too vague to give specific details.

    For example:

    • What area of the world will this be designed for, and in. Pricing is different around the world, not to mention different monetary systems.

    • How extensive will the web site be. A handful of pages, several pages, or many (hundreds/thousands). The number of people involved to do large projects makes a difference.

    • How involved will the web site be.
    º º Graphic work.
    º º Scripting.
    º º Database accessing.
    º º Programming.
    º º Interactive.
    º º Etc…

    • Does the client know what they want. Or will this be more like an Ad Agency, where the client will not know what they will like until they see it designed (meaning it may have to be done several times).

    • Will this be a one time shot, or an ongoing contract to maintain the web site after design and implementation.

    • Etc…

    You will be better off doing a Google search with specific keywords in your search criteria so that you can gather the information you desire.


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