Issue by Yoga: What and all must i know to turn into a professional world wide web designer?
What and all shouls i know to turn out to be a specialist net designer?
i imply i’m asking about the internet designing languages, database, search engine marketing and some developing processes…

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Reply by Dani Master
You said them , you ought to know PHP, HTML, and the database MySql, and the search engine optimisation ideas, which are On the web and Offline Search engine optimisation. If you want far more info make contact with me. [email protected] , i will support you get your 1st actions.

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  1. I put in front of you the list of subjects you should know to be a professional web designer:

    1. You must learn html, php, sql, javascript essentially and other programming languages might also be helpful.

    2. Various web design tools online and offline like adobe dreamweaver, microsoft frontpage, expression page etc. and online tools like joomla, drupal etc

    3. Skills on various graphics tools like Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop are also helpful and essential.

    4. You must have the basic knowledge of how domain registration and web hosting operates.

    5. Master your skills in search engine submission and optimization of websites.

    6. Master your skills in e-commerce and tools for earning money from websites like advertising networks, affiliate marketing etc.

    This all guidelines and information you will find at which is a very good resource on the topic.

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