Question by daisyflower_x: Website content headers?
Please note I am just using this website as an example to show the kind of thing I am looking for.
Ive noticed a lot of websites like this;
See down the side where they have boxes and headers example; “Latest Designs” on the second box. Does anyone know how I could have something like this on my website? I dont mean the same writing or style just the box with a header of sorts.

Thank you 🙂

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Answer by brisray
Any website you go to you can look at the source code to look at the HTML. For most browsers, simply right click on the page and choose “view source” from the menu. In IE at least, you can also go to Page onthe top menu and choose “View Source” from there.

Just a reminder that it’s never a good idea to steal someone’s work, but at least this method gives some idea of how some effects were achieved.

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