Question by David M: We really need a kitchen re-model. How do I sign up to be on HGTV?
Hi everyone . Ok , We moved into our house about 5 years ago , and we have tackled almost every single problem the house had ( which was basically every single room) except the kitchen. Here are all the deign dilemmas:

1. its a 70’s kitchen
2.tan laminent flooring
3. white run down appliences
4.hole in the wall behind the key holder
5.the cabinets are practically falling off the hinges
6.tan laminent counter tops
7.metal molding around thos counter tops
8.brown/white/gold/tan blacksplash
9.wooden paneling all throught out.
10.terribley scratched up sliding glass door. section of counter top which has the dishwasher in it , actually separated from the wall and the other counter tops.
12. its small
13. enourmous lack of storage space.
14. lack of light
15. dated appliances.

I wanted to sign us up for ” Divine Design” if any of you have heard about it. But I visited the hgtv website and was exactly sure how. Can someone help :p?

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Answer by dawnb
There is a “contact us” feature on the site. I found it and dropped an e-mail to Candice Olson’s group regarding my great room asking about specifics and giving them a brief description of my design issue. They answered back stating that Candice charges a minimum of $ 2000 for the consult and then whatever your budget is for the renovation or re-do. But they still have to choose you. Your kitchen sounds like just the thing she likes to take on to make a good show. There is also a show on HGTV called Spice It Up Kitchens that you can register for. I have no idea if they have a minimum consult fee but they have worked with budgets from $ 25,000 to $ 65,000.

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