Question by Nalin H: Suggest a Name for this company?
we have 4 partners in this company. main business is web solutions. apart that we also do designing and company branding (Profiles, Logos etc.) we are looking for the very attractive unique easy to spell name. should not include “design” word.

Please give your ideas. would be great if you can explain the meaning with your suggested name.

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Answer by mavfive295
Take the first letter of the 4 partners and put them together. sometimes you can come up with a really cool word or a new word that makes your company stand out from it’s competitors

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  1. Here is a totally different approach to selecting a name. It involves getting some of your friends and perhaps family together and believe me it works.

    Here are also some of the top things to focus on when choosing a name.

    Try the links below.

    Good Luck

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