Question by Paul Z: Software that converts HTML into how it should look on the web…?
I have a website and I need to make alterations. The company who created my website used HTML and PHP. When I open my pages in adobe dreamweaver (to edit them) I can only see the HTML. I need some softare that will also display the how the actual pages look like on the web.

I assumed dreamweaver done this. however, when i open the page in DW and click “design” only a blank screen is visable.

anybody help.?

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Answer by Drale
If the page is written in PHP then you need to run the page off of a webserver to process the pages.

You can setup XAMMP which in a few clicks will setup a webserver on your pc. or you can try PHPTriad 2.1.1 which “installs a php environment” on your computer with apache server under c:\apache

Read the Readme file under c:\apache
The newest version of phptriad is under a different name and now costs money so support is lacking.

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  1. I don’t know anything about PHP but if it is html than wordpad works just fine just be sure to save it in a html format then you can view it in your browser.

  2. Write your HTML code in Windows NotePad (you know, that free little app that no one ever uses under accessories).

    Save the file somewhere. Be sure to save as .htm or .html

    Open up Internet Explorer, and then “File/Open/whateveryourfilenameis.html. This will show you your code in an actual browser how it will appear on the net.

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