Q&A: Where can I learn Maya to advance in 3D modeling and painting?

Question by Mike: Where can I learn Maya to advance in 3D modeling and painting?
Hey. Currently I am a graphic designer living and working in Dayton. I’m 23 and I’m close to hitting the graphic design “roof” for this area already. I dream about working in video games and other graphic media besides web sites and ads. I’m tired of making things that people dont enjoy, just glance over. I want to be involved in 3D modeling, painting, imaging and background painting. Can anyone tell me where to go?

what kind of degrees do i need?
where do i get said degree?
how much will it cost?
how long will it take?
I already have an associates in the applied science of graphics design, when i get out how will i manage both loans?
can you combine those kinds of payments?
Any advice anyone?

all answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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