Issue by Phil: How ought to I move my web site from 1 internet designer to yet another?
Owing to very poor provider, I want to adjust net designer. Am I right in declaring that the only particulars that I require are the FTP username and password? Are these the only specifics that my new net designer will want to entry the website?

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Solution by Eli
He will also need to have Cpanel obtain to create database and things like that – but in no way give him your godaddy account or what ever internet site registrar you are utilizing, simply because you may possibly want it, in situation he messed up with you so you can alter the nameservers so he does not screw you, and do not give him entry to your e-mail and you ought to be the cpanel admin so you can reset the password each time you want…do not screw up like this man or woman or i will destroy you 😀

some details you need to preserve to by yourself, don’t give everything just simply because you never know about it, if you will not know then google and find out, never be an ignorant, that particular person was an ignorant and she was punished due to the fact she gave her internet designer almost everything

ignorant individuals ought to be punished

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