Question by Ayla: How important is the Maya software program for web design?
I’m in Interactive Media, and I am likely to understand Maya. I seemed up the computer software on the web and it’s quite high-priced in excess of $ five hundred.00.

I am likely specifically for web design simply because I like creating and generating webpages. I require to know this simply because I want to know which software program I will need to buy for homework and a foreseeable future profession. My college has a offer with Adobe for college students. $ 237 for Flash, Dream Weaver, Fireworks and Contribute.

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Solution by Dj from hell(obtained eliminated)
considering that maya is used for 3ds graphic not world wide web planning

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  1. I have seen some Maya software that has the Personal Learning Edition* (PLE) option where they’ll allow you to use the program for free. It’s great if you just want to learn.

  2. The Adobe Web Suite for students is an ideal package for you to purchase. The application bundled with it are used a great deal in the web design industry.

    Other products are also available, but most don’t have the market share as the Adobe suite.

    Maya is not used for web design, but is used to make 3D style graphics. Though 3D graphics are popular, they make up very little of the total number of images used in general web design.

  3. 3D computer graphics software packages internally store Matrices, to keep track of which objects in the scene are where.

  4. I have a degree in computer animation and I also do web design for a living. Maya is almost useless in web design. You need Photoshop for the visual end. You can create still shots with Maya but Photoshop is less complicated and will produce better 2d results

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