Question by ♥Pictsy♥: finding a school in maryland (graphic art)?
I am currently a freshman going to school in NJ. I plan to be a graphic deisng major, but I am thinking of transfering schools to back home (maryland) I dont enjoy the “web design” portion of graphic design, but i love to edit photos, and doing the more artsy side of graphic design. im inspired by vogue ads and photography. If I found a school to transfer in maryland, would I want to find a major in graphic design or something more specific? is there a field that deals with soley the photographic side of graphic design?

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Answer by RoaringMice
The best school in MD in your field is the Maryland Institute College of Art. Very good school. I recommend you give it a look.

Based on what you’re describing, graphic design is the field that you want. As you advance in the major, you will be able to focus more of your classes on the particular areas of design that you like, and not take so many in web design. In addition, you can do an internship in photo editing, or with a magazine, and really set yourself up well to do what you want in that field.

At schools like MICA, you will get some web-related work as part of your GD major, but most people really wanting the web will be in a separate major (interactive design), so being a GD major there may be a better fit for you than it is at your current school, where things seem to be mixed into the one major.

The other option, although it’s not really a fit, is to actually major in photography, and go into it not as a photographer, but as a digital retoucher. But I don’t think that’s quite a fit. Still, you can have a look at MICAs page for that. At a minimum, perhaps you do a photo minor, focusing on digital retouching/manipulation, with your GD major – that, actually, might work well for you.

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