Question by sequim2005: Desperately seeking architect/website for small,inexpensive.functional,budgeted home for retired couple.?
Most websites specialize in “custom design” We just want small, functional home. Most designs we visit are all the same! We are on strict budget and have ideas, that feel we could include in basic type. You have to feel the “vibe” , would like something different than everyone else has, and love a round house which we have seen on the interent The manufacturere is on wrong side of the USA to make cost efficient to ship materials. We plan to relocate in Washington State.. We are looking for websites or any assistance that can come our way.

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Answer by KrazyKyngeKorny
Go to Google and search for geodesic dome. There are suppliers on the west coast. Some supply kits, and some supply plans showing what to cut for lumber, and how to bevel it and assemble it.

Check with the building inspector where you plan to build. Many localities do not recognize domes as being structurally sound.

You need to get permits and have the proper inspections done. Building inspectors get nasty if you leave out any steps.

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