Question by Kumar(wolvi): computer science bsc?
Hey friends ,i’m asking same question again because i didn’t found perfect answer.the perfect answer is alreday in the hands of bsc computer science students .
1. “is there math in bsc computer science ” ??
2.if yes “can i leave the subject and choose other ” ?
I’ve to join college this month 🙁
3.if yes and it is not possible to leave it “do you think i get a better job by completeing certificate course like “web designing” or “animation” ?? Btw i’m from india

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Answer by salve!
1. Computer Science is a whole different type of math. It is not really the major computing that you may be used to in normal math classes, but it still involves a whole different kind of math. So yes, there is some math in computer science.
2. If you request to drop the class, you may be able to change it. Just call the college you want to go to and ask them, they will know.
3. It all depends on what you want to go into for a career. Computer Science will probably require more classes on top of it to immediately get a job. Web designing or animation may get you a job right away.

Good Luck!

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