Question by AMK: Career in Web Design?
If I barely know anything about web design now, and I am 17 and a senior in high school, how practical is pursuing a career in web design? Or is this for people that have been doing it for years before college?

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Answer by sgomez0129
The company I work for is in deperate need of MicroSoft sharepoint developers /programmers and .Net programmes. We can’t find anyone with the programmer skills. if you decide to become a web designer, look to see which skills companies can’t get filled.

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  1. If you truly want a career in web design (or anything else, for that matter) 17 is a good age to start. There are lots of web-related careers out there Web design typically refers to the layout and graphical aspects of websites. The look and feel. There are lots of different discinplines at play here. There is graphic design, web usability (designing sites for how people expect them to work), heuristic design and some HTML and maybe javascript. You will need to go to college or design school to pick these things up and have the credentials to work for a better company.

    In web-design, what you won’t touch on are back end issues like data base calls or business logic. These are covered by programmers or software engineers or DBAs.

    If you get bored doing design work, project management is a possible career progression that you could pursue.

  2. I can tell you that you can pursue a career in web design and succeed as well, it is not meant for those who have been doing it for years, those that have been doing it for years were once like you, web design is very easy to master and it is lucrative as well. you can see

  3. I would recommend you do two things. First, study design in college or a well reputed design school. You will learn some invaluable skills about design, and it will make you a better designer. Second, along those lines, a design school can’t possibly keep up with the web. You need to teach yourself as much about web design as you can, using online resources, books, and whatever else you can get your hands on.

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