Question by OutsideOfTheBox: I have a great website idea, what is STEP 2?
I have read a lot of posts asking the same question but thus far have not found the answers that I’m looking for.

I have “designed,” in thought and on paper, what the website will look like and offer, and how it may make money. Though I’m not entirely too educated when it comes to programming, etc., I have even put some thought into how it would function. I call everything up to this point STEP 1.

I can probably think of a gazillion possible STEP 2s. These are some my top candidates:

-protect the idea somehow (is trademark possible?) or at least prepare an NDA so that I can discuss the project openly with designers/programmers/etc.
-contact a designer and get a quote for creating a “mock” site
-contact a programmer to get a quote for, well, programming the site (databases, functionality, etc.)
-start-up funding

–will I need to get a lawyer involved in the beginning? or is an NDA enough to protect my idea until it is ready to use and be marketed?

Thanks for the quick replies. The site will indeed require some programming. There isn’t much that I can say to make the question more specific. I really do not have any experience in this area other then a small amount of programming/web development skills, so it is all very new to me.
That said, I really want to give this a shot. I feel like this is a very novel idea and cannot find a site like it at all. I believe, though, that there is a very wide audience that will appreciate what the site offers (including me) so much that it baffles me that a search for a similar existing website turns up nothing relevant.

I will do what I can with the little experience that I have (more design ideas/layout), prepare and NDA, and then attempt to find some developers (designers/programmers) to put the idea to life. At that point I will likely have to begin my search for funding.

Any and all advice is much appreciated.

Thanks again

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Answer by Carlton I
First of all, this is way to broad of a question. Without knowing what you are doing with the website depends if you even need programming. I have designed some webpages, one is If it is an idea, it is really to hard to get a trademark on the idea. You can have a trademark for you site, but anyone can take the idea and make their own webpage. that is why myspace is so popular. Facebook came up with the idea and Myspace stole it and made it better. Many times the second site becomes the bigger one. You really don’t need a lawyer and I would not worry about anything until you actually put the site on the internet. You will have the site created or create it yourself and then either purchase some software for your computer and host the site, ore pay for someone to host the site. There are many sites for as low as $ 6 a month. You will aslo need to register a domain wich will cost up to $ 20 a year. if you have any more question email me at [email protected]

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  1. Thats exactly what I would do. Trademark/copyright any idea you have in regards to logo’s etc. Check with your local city on filing a business or ficticous dba name. If your comfortable tackling the website and bringing it to life yourself, get started. If your not, then write up a NDA and then place some RFPs on some sites (elance or similar) be vague about what you need, but not too vague. No one will be able to give you an honest estimate unless you give them a good idea of what you expect/need. Narrow your selection of contractors down to 2 or 3. Then have each sign a NDA & Confidentiality agreement (seems like overkill, but its not) once they sign and you receive back. Discuss details in depth with each one. Decide which one will work best for you and award them the bid. Make sure the bid winner signs another (3rd) contract outlining in black and white everything you expect including deadlines for each stage. When payments will be made, what action will be taken if you are not satisified with project, etc. CYOB (cover your own butt)

  2. You can find many web designers at websites like , you can just post your project at the website and let many web designers bid for your project.
    You can hire whoever you like.

    Do not pay any money afront however.

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