Question by Judy: How to combine freelance photography and webdesign?
I’d like to pursue both freelance photography (personal portraits, weddings, etc.); however, I also want to pursue designing websites.

Is it a better idea to have 2 seperate websites for each business or would it be possible to have just one website?

I was thinking I could name it something like “Jane Smith Designs”.

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Answer by Mike
That is a good plan so if you don’t have work doing photography toy can do the design work. you may have to many messages if you have everything on 1 site
set out a 1, 5 and 10 year business plan. you don’t have to stick to it and can change it at any time but this will give you direction
have a look at this help site

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2 thoughts on “How to combine freelance photography and webdesign?”

  1. I’d market the photography and webdesign work separately. These things aren’t very related to each other. Not to customers. If you look at companies that do several things, you’ll notice that they usually have different websites for each product group. For example, General electric makes everything form medical equipment to aircraft engines to kitchen appliances. When you look up GE ultrasound machines, that website mentions their other medical equipment but not their dishwashers.

    As a small business, you also run the risk that potential customers will perceive you as a Jack of all trades and master of none. You can combine photography and image editing on the same website. Or webdesign and DTP, or website design plus construction… things that logically go together. But people who need some good images shouldn’t get the impression that your photography is a side business.

    So I’d make two websites. On the photography website, I’d include a little “This site was designed by …” text, where I link to my webdesign site. And visa versa, on the webdesign site I’d include a few images that link back to the photography website. That’s enough.

    You can always try to sell both products to the same customer when they express interest in either field. E.g., if a business comes to you for a website, you could offer to take some photographs for it, too. And some more for a leaflet, their annual report, their office, etc. Any upcoming corporate events they’d like pictures of? If a business comes to you for photographs first, you could also provide some insightful feedback about their (existing) website. You get the idea.

    Best wishes.

  2. It is nice to have both.. you can make photography and then you can put your finished product your website and you can sell it through the internet.

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