Question by Orite: How do web designers make income when there are so several of them?
My buddy wants to be a web designer due to the fact of the adaptable hrs, but I will not feel it truly is a excellent idea. it is an incredibly popular major in unis and specialized faculties. I don’t see how any person finds a work or can make any money in this kind of a competitive discipline?

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Answer by Chef Chad
There are tens of millions and tens of millions of web sites, hence we need tons and tons of internet developers.

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3 thoughts on “How do web designers make money when there are so many of them?”

  1. Just think about ALLLLL the websites out there and know that each 1 had to be designed, maintained, and updated to look fresh.

  2. its probably doesn’t matter what you want to do now since all the baby boomers are about to retire, so finding a job in the future might be easy.. guess we’ll find out though.

  3. There are a lot of web designers out there because they’re in demand. It’s as simple as that. The competition doesn’t come from the number so much as it comes from the level of talent… obviously the best designers are the ones who are the most in demand, and that means less talented designers will have to work harder for jobs.

    For every designer out there, there are at least 1000 websites. Quite literally EVERY business has a web presence these days… some of them use design firms. Some of them use freelancers. Some of them hire someone to work just for them. And companies are willing to pay for them.

    Websites are constantly being redesigned. New sites launch every day. Site need designers for web marketing campaigns, too.

    And if you’re a web designer who is also a graphical designer and a web developer (especially if you’re a PHP/mysql developer anymore), you’ve got three times the appeal to potential employers.

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