Question by Wulf: how do i make something like this in flash?

I have Flash MX Professional 2004. I know how to use some basics of flash, e.g motion guide, layers.

How do i get objects to move and animate when u click on text like: “Portfolio, Contacts, and About Us”.

How do i get the animation to revert back when clicking a button like the “Reviva Design” one at the top.

In your opinion is this a well made flash website? Some people at my school made it…

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Answer by Gimme Answers
I like it. The transitions are great! And I like the color scheme. I think it’s a little too large. It could stand to be smaller. Visitors don’t like to scroll. Also, the portfolio work is kinda small as well as the text. (So overall, the interface could be smaller and the text / portfolio images could be larger)

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how to create the stuff you want to create. Alls I can say is search the web for tutorials. Use keywords like “Flash Tutorials”… Adobe has a few: .

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  1. If you want to learn more Flash skills, try this for starters – There are a lot of sites out there with free lessons.

    I commend your fellow classmates for learning Flash, but the rule of thumb in web development/design is that if Flash is not necessary to convey a site’s content, then it’s best to not use it. Some people don’t like it, some people have slower connections, and some people turn off their Flash. Also, some users have special browsers that only read out the text on a page, making an all Flash site useless to them. The golden rule about the web is that sites should be about the user’s experience, not about fancy technology.

  2. Animations (movements) were movieclips that controlled by actionscript with some easing transitions. All text and images were loaded dynamically. These was intended to keep flash in smaller size, hence faster loading, so it is well-made.

    I suggest to learn to build flash site from the basic first. Visit site like where you can download source files to learn at your own pace.

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