Question by Chad S: How do credits work in college? How do I select my credits?
How do credits work in college? I am currently browsing Borough of Manhattan Community College, and I see that they have on their website General Requirements, Curriculum Requirements and then other requirements all relating to the “Multimedia Programming Design” degree program. How do I choose and select these credits? Because I’m seeing at the bottom of the page they ALL add up to 60 credits. Do I select some of these credits or? Can someone guide me please. Thank you.

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Answer by cclepew
In college, each class you take is worth a certain number of credits. The credits are based on how many hours a week the class meets. For example, a 3-credit class meets three hours a week. You need to earn 60 credits, as listed on the requirements, to earn this Associate’s degree.

You need to take:

(1) all the General Requirements (6 classes/20 credits)

(2) all the Curriculum Requirements (7 classes/20 credits)

(3) Area Specialization section, pick one area you want to focus on– Multimedia Programming (3 classes/12 credits) OR Multimedia Art & Design (4 classes/12 credits) classes, OR Multimedia Video (4 classes/12 credits).

(4) Advised Electives section, you have to pick 8 credits’ worth of classes that are relevant to your Area Specialization. This will all add up to 60 credits.

You’ll have an academic adviser who will help you select your classes each semester. You’ll likely start out with General Requirements and Curriculum Requirements. It looks like the Area Specialization classes have pre-requisites– they are more advanced and you have to take introductory classes first.

Looks like a great program! I wish my community college had offered this! Good luck!

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