Question by [[~/ -_-\~]]: Hair Salons in Thornhill, ON?
Hi. I live in Thornhill Woods and I need to find a hair salon. I’m hardcore, and I want to dye my hair bright red. Lol. Anyway, everywhere I look I can’t find any information on any salons. I need some help and pictures please.

Also, I’ve heard that “Leoni Hair Design” is a good studio. It doesn’t have a website or pictures anywhere. If you have any information on this salon please reply. But I’m looking for a hardcore salon specifically.

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Answer by Zsa Zsa Ga_BOOM!
I know that u live in thornhill and u want one there.. but if u can’t find one… go to Brampton. there is a salon called EGO on queen street (downtown brampton) they aren’t afraid to do some crazy shit. i’m a 22 yr old girl and i got my hair done there for the first time a while ago. i had black hair that was all the way down 2 my butt, they chopped it off (the BEST cut i have ever had b4.. i can actually get volume to my hair!) and they did BRIGHT red chunks to my hair. it looks so awsome and i have never had so many compliments on my hair b4. and for guys… ya they do all the crazy razor designs, freaky colours… anything u want… they wont think ur nuts.. i promise! They are INSANELY hardcore!
here’s a link with a map and directions if ur interested. (they don’t seem to have a website.),+ON&fb=1&view=text&latlng=3911495397906397138

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