Question by Sarah: Easy 10 pts! Roxy Bikini Contest?
Does Anyone know when that end…i cant find it on the site!!

Also if anyone want to vote for my design that would be great!! Link below!!

To Vote click “Vote for my design” enter your email address and your password (to email). Then push SUBMIT not enter. Then go back to the page click
“Vote for my design” then it should say “Thank you for voting…”

I can assure anyone thinking of voting that it is totally safe since it comes from the official roxy website

Best answer:

Answer by *sunny-me*
wow I love your design.

I can’t see when it will end either sorry.

Thanks for answering mine (: x

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One thought on “Easy 10 pts! Roxy Bikini Contest?”

  1. That’s totally cute, and I would wear it!!! I voted for it, and I hope you win! Also, to vote we see ”Vote For This Design” since it’s not actually our design.

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