Do you think that a widescreen monitor is good for website design?

Concern by BLD: Do you think that a widescreen monitor is excellent for website design?
I don’t like my new widescreen liquid crystal display keep track of. It can make photos look vast and its looks challenging to function with for website design? Would a standard keep an eye on be far better?

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Reply by crazysnk18
It all relies upon on the resolution. If you have a widescreen keep an eye on, you must reset the resolution. As significantly as 1 becoming far better than the other, I would say no.

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  1. Simon T says:

    Make sure the desktop resolution matches the native resolution of the monitor.

    If you run non-wide images fullscreen then they will get stretched. however this is true for any image that doe not match the aspect ratio of your monitor. If you put an image of a 6 by 4 photo – 3:2 aspect ratio – on a 4:3 display then it is going to get stretched vertically.

    As for whether it is good for web-design, that is up to you and how you use it. Think on this though, a lot of people are getting widescreen monitors. Do you want your web pages to look good on those monitors or bad?

  2. dush2450 says:

    If the wide screen monitor makes images look wider then normal, make sure your resolution of your computer is correct. You can do this by right clicking the desktop and going into properties. From there go to settings and change the resolution to: 1280×720, 1280×768, or 1280×800. Check each one of these, because different monitors can have different resolutions.

  3. Vincent V says:

    Most likely there is a setting to change your monitor from skewing the image. I would check into this before going out to buy another monitor.

    Hope this answered your question.

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