I had a website designed by a company and paid for that design. My account with them is due I didn’t pay for the renewal and they took my site down. They are holding my domain name and the design is gone. Can they do that? Isn’t that website design mine and if so how do I get it? Can they hold my domain name? They are costing me loss of money here what do I do? I don’t want to renew with them because they are overcharging me for the domain name and the webhosting.

3 thoughts on “Can I sue company for holding my domain name and website design?”

  1. o yes you can, that’s not right if you paid then they have to hand it over i got something that can help you get pass this. shoot me an email [email protected]. i’m certain i can help you with your legal fight for cheap.

  2. They are costing you loss of money? Evidently, you are costing them loss of money. Pay your bill and talk to them about a plan to pay off what you owe them.

    I would ask for a copy on a CD or DVD of your web content (a backup) and make sure you are the registered owner of the domain (administrative contact).

  3. Well how much are they overcharging? ….Most of these companies are very competative so I can’t see the difference in price between them and other companies being very much…and in that case if your talking $20 or $30 WHO CARES!

    If you sue them..the cost of that event will be monumentally greater than the difference of your other hosting service….times ten. So..thats really not a logical option.

    Get your site up and focus on making more money with actual sales, not by penny pinching expenses.

    For now I would pay the bill for the next year….and during that time, have your domain ownership registration transferred to you personally. Obtain the website on CD in HTML format and the raw design format (The actual files from whatever design software was used to create the pages)

    Until you do those things, they have you by the *alls

    Good Luck

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