Question by Trim: Ideal way to learn web design and personal computer maintence?
I want to be capable to fix pc troubles and also do web design to the extent where I can do them as a work. What is the very best way to go about understanding this? Are there any on the internet plans or guide that are notably helpful? I will not care about the price tag.

Or would you recommend some other way to studying?

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Solution by AnonymousJohn
Google will inform you every little thing, but you truly cant beat fingers on, no danger expertise in a class…

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3 thoughts on “Best way to learn web design and computer maintence?”

  1. Take classes. Yes you could find some guides to help you, but self-teaching vs being taught is very different. A lot can go wong when people self-teach (especially computer languages) and all those people who went wrong could be those who read the same guides as the pros. Take classes so you can be a pro the first time around.

  2. Well, to be totally honest, if you really want to make a career out of one, the other, or both, your best bet would be to go to school for it and get an actual degree. I might suggest that you decide which one you think you would enjoy most, and focus on that first.

    If you want to repair PC’s, you could pursue getting an A+ certification, and then you really wouldn’t need the degree. You can find plenty of books/online resources about that.

    If you want to do web development, my suggestion would be to go to school. If you can’t swing that, pick up a book on some popular language, start learning what you can, and maybe contribute to an open-source project for experience.

    Good luck, and happy coding!

  3. Well i have a few options to your dream here as an experienced designer, developer, & entrepreneur. U have that entrepreneur spirit and thats a good thing, but remember you will need a good strategy to make these dreams come true.

    First, U must understand each field…as there is a path to your goals, whether its web design or computer repair. To first understand this, you must know web design is completely different from computer repair, and u rarely see someone do both unless they are a true nerd at this.

    Web design requires software skills, analytical thinking, and learning codes that are changing rapidly. Computer repair is more technical, like fixing a car, where the hardware is most important. A computer problem needing repair usually only involves a hand ful of possible problems, from hard drive, mother board, or mite just need the operating system reloaded, which brings u back to software. For people who don’t know about computers, they will pay alot just to get their computer back together, however, the falling prices of new computers puts this in risk.

    Now to tackle your dream, you can find helpful resources online to learn how to web design. From html for starters, to java, php, or joomla. These are most popular, but basic html can really be done in a software program such as NVU, microsoft expression web, or others, some are free at or microsoft offers trials. For computer repair, u must attend community college at least or like reading online and practicing on old computers. I learned from a technician teaching me and got pretty good in just 1 month of watching & listening. Laptop repair will become more popular and not every computer shop know how to fix these things as they’re more complex. To sum it up, web design will take u a few weeks and computer repair will determine how much u get from your source of information, but usually a few months.

    Now if u have more money than time, you may find shortcuts, but some learning can’t be rushed as it’s necessary for these skills. For more business consulting and mentoring, I’ll have to charge a small fee starting at $ 25, but it’ll be worth every penny to know the ropes online & ways to start small but profitable.

    Just email me at [email protected] and good luck on your business spirit.

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