Question by SedativeChunk: Are stupid people ruining Yahoo! Answers?
I’m about done with answers. I like helping people and teaching, but some of the questions on here get SO repetitive and stupid. It seems like people are too lazy to research on things themselves, or read other questions already answered for that matter.

I hang around the “programming and design” area under computers and internet, and at least six times a day, someone post the question “How do I build a website?” Of all the repetitive questions, are you that lazy that you cannot read someone else’s already answered question, and are you that lazy to do the research?!
Another thing that haunts the programming and design board is people asking how to install open source programs such as PHPbb and other open source programs. How about you read the “get started” guide that is in big bold text on the middle of the page that tells you how to install it already?

Who else here is experiencing the same questions and think answers needs some tweeks? I think this website should be changed to not allow people to post questions that are similar to one’s already answered, and in addition, only allow so many questions to be posted in an hour so people’s questions don’t get bumped to the fifth page. From a programmers point of view, this website is very basic and could use alot more nicer features on it to limit the amount of dumbass’s on the site and stop people from posting constantly.

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Answer by grand lake bum
it’s full of 12 year olds

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One thought on “Are stupid people ruining Yahoo! Answers?”

  1. it is what it is and it’s not going to change. you are right about the stupid people but you spelled it wrong. stupid is spelled TROLLS. some questions are so astonishingly stupid that i have choked on my tea from laughing.again your ideas are all good and if you go to the forum you will find many many others feel the the bottom of the page it says help us make answers better tell us what you think, just click it and it will take you to the forum. merry christmas

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