Why Obama didn’t tell us this?

Question by Use facts not spin: Why Obama didn’t tell us this?
Firms Brace for Obamacare to Raise Costs
Tuesday, 25 May 2010 11:09 AM

“94% of companies responded believe the reform law passed by Congress earlier this year will RAISE costs. 88% percent plan to pass the increases on to employees, and 74% anticipate reducing health benefits and programs.”

We’ve all been told how smart Obama is. Was he smart enough NOT to tell us this?


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Answer by joe dirt
he stupidly forgot

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12 Responses to “Why Obama didn’t tell us this?”

  1. Josh says:

    Because it isn’t true?

  2. OH YEA! says:

    It doesn’t fit the “Propagada”.

  3. Mr. News Reporter says:

    Obama is an idiot.

  4. Adam says:

    Nice, ‘higher deductibles’… that is what I’m talkin’ about! WOOOO ! Go Obama!

    But that surly does not affect people making less than 250,000… wait… what? It does affect them… SH**!

  5. stoev8 says:

    these are not facts, these are ‘believes’, what companies think – it’s an opinion.

  6. Think Outside the Ballot Box says:

    The “passing of the cost” should be a given without anyone having to tell you.
    It works the same as any tax on a corporation: The end-consumer will foot the bill.
    Just like the VAT (if it were actually implemented). Every step in the production process would simply up their prices and pass the tax on down the line til it ends up on the shoulders of Reggie Commonman.

  7. Vicky I says:

    This is not new, all the Americans who were against this h/c bill from the very beginning of it new about this… this is not new!

  8. Glenn Beck Teabagged Me! says:

    Uh huh, and how many of those who responded on belhalf of the unnamed companies are actually involved in health care? What is their “prediction” based on?

  9. esta es mi chica says:

    let me tell you something about obama bin laden,when his mom was pregnant with him,she took drugs and drank a lot so that’s why he’s the way he is.

  10. Destructive Politics The Book says:

    because he has no clue what he signed or what it will do to our economy and jobs around the US.

    – Obama is NOT SMART!
    – He is an Affirmative Action Candidate who won because elitist liberals wanted to put in a puppet who they can control. Today, Obama says what Pelosi want him to say via Teleprompter.
    – Obama does not read or understand anything he signs.

  11. justagrandma says:

    Your quote says they “believe” and that they anticipate taking those actions due to what they believe.

    So if their beliefs are incorrect then what will they do?
    This states their perception, which may not be factual.

    One other thing about this statistic, it doesn’t indicate how many of them were going to drop it anyway or pass on the present increases, or have passed on the previous increases. And the same for anticipating health benefits and programs, how many would have done that anyway, or already did it.

    Many companies have already engaged in both activities, this may just indicate a willingness by all businesses to get out of the insurance business. I’ve never understood why it is we want business to provide health insurance when its not a cost factor for business in any other country.

  12. g says:

    er… and how many were “bracing” for increased cost yet again in health care with NO BILL?

    and how many were going to pass that increase on to employees?

    and how many were going to reduce health benefits?

    why don’t you tell the whole truth?

    I’ve had my rates reduced TWICE over the past 10 years and I’m paying almost double… and I’ve not been in the hospital ONCE?

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