Why is “Application Error” shown when I close Internet explorer?

Question by Funkychick: Why is “Application Error” shown when I close Internet explorer?
It says “the instruction at 0x74985dfe reference memory at 0x00000020. The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program.” Any ideas and how to fix this?

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Answer by Big Q
There was probably an issue either with the installation or IE is somewhat corrupted. I get this message too when I close the browser, but other than this message, IE seems to work fine. If you see no ill effects while browsing, probably nothing is wrong. I would just continue to hit OK or try using a new browser like FireFox. It never crashes or gives out any errors, plus there are lots of cool skins, themes, and plug-ins to customize your browser however you want it.

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  1. KK says:

    You can try this tool to fix it:
    Good luck!

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