Question by giashay585: which emergency shelter suits me?
recently my landlord put our house up for sale and someone has offered. on top of this i just got laid off so my income is currently cut off until i find a new job. i currently live in rochester new york but all my family here has passed. i have decided to relocate to twinsburg, ohio because of the cost of living (cheaper) i have a 16 year old daughter also. the apartment we are moving to wont be ready until july 15 and we are forced to move from our current home on june 5th. i have no family and nowhere to go so i decided to seek help from a emergency shelter instead of sleeping in the streets for a month. i have never done drugs, i do not drink and we are very clean people who are not used to the “homeless life” so which of these two shelters seem to suit me best?

(refer to the writing underneath “residential program”)


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Answer by Ryan
havens of rest sounds like the better choice to me. I am surprised to find you are moving to Twinsburg since I live on the border of twinsburg/aurora Ohio. The cost of living here is still pretty expensive… you should try Streetsboro or Kent.

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