Question by Donna T: What /Where does “Buddy2Buddy Chat” program orginate from and how do I “Permanently get rid of it ?
This program which wasn’t downloaded….just appeared; has taken over all my settings AND how I connect to the internet, if I Block it with my Firewall….I’m not able to connect ! If I go to “Add/Remove Programs” and remove it from my PC (Which I did 5 times ) it “magicaly reappears” ! ? Help !!!!!

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Answer by vlad_popescu
so…it is a spyware. download the cracked version of Spyware Doctor 5 from

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  1. Remove the B2B from the add/remove prg list.
    Right click on the taskbar, select taskmanager. Find the running process b2bupdater and any others that might be marked b2b*. End process on each.
    Delete all the Temporary Internet Files from the Tools | internet Options in the IE browser. Delete your cookies while your there.
    Find the bsbsetup.exe and b2bupdater.exe files in the windows folder. (C:winnt maybe?) Delete both files.
    Empty the recycle bin, or at the very least, delete those 2 files. Then edit the registry (run regedit from the Start | Run. Be VERY careful editing the registry. You can turn your pc into a paperweight very quickly if you edit or delete the wrong things. If you’re uneasy editing the registry, DON’T. Let someone else that’s been there before do it)
    Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE MICROSOFTWINDOWS CURRENTVERSIONRUN, find the b2b key and delete it. Do the same in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARE MICROSOFTWINDOWS CURRENTVERSIONRUN, deleting any keys that might be there the reference B2B.
    Run SPYbot afterwards, deleting all junk it may find.
    Reboot and see if it’s gone.
    This process worked for me. But I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results. The risk is yours.

    Good Luck

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