Question by zzack9: What can you make and put on the web with the program “Java”?
What kind of programs and tasks can you complete by using the computer programming language “Java” and what are its pros and cons compared to another program like it?

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Answer by Joe S
Java is cross platform without any changes to code. It requires the JRE and has an excellent support community.

Other languages can access system information & hardware items, they can also do more Operating System Native things.

Although some libraries exist for Java to also allow it to do this.

Basically, if you want to make something accessible to the majority of users without having to create your programs 6x over, then use Java, if you want to access OS specific things, use C++ / C

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One thought on “What can you make and put on the web with the program “Java”?”

  1. Well, you can put games on the web. You can create a clock. You can create a shopping cart for your store. You can create antivirus software. You can pretty much create anything that you can with any programming language.

    Universal (works on most browsers at least)
    Can be used on the web or on websites
    Can be used as standalone programs(not based on the web)
    Can do pretty much anything any other language can use

    Slower than some languages
    A little hard to learn

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